Juggling being a wife, mom and individual.

While on vacation with the family a few weeks back, we were having lunch and I got approached by a woman who wanted to say hi to the kids. She was asking Mia about her favorite animals and was baby talking with Sydney. Then she turned to me and asked a simple, innocent question that … Continue reading Juggling being a wife, mom and individual.

What a day. I mean what a chaotic day.

Do you ever have a day, a day where everything is going well and then BOOM its not. I like to call those days my shit show days. And boy, did I have one of those today. Like I said, it started out great. I woke up, cuddled with Mia while Sydney was still sleeping. … Continue reading What a day. I mean what a chaotic day.

Making friends…. Mom friends

It is so hard to find friends that you not only click with, but you feel comfortable with. I am grateful to have a few friends that have kids the same age as mine and that have been through the same life stages I have. Its refreshing really. But for so long I didn't have … Continue reading Making friends…. Mom friends

Let The Journey Begin.

Let the journey begin. I decided to start a blog where I share my actual diary entries and make this my online journal. I am a wife to a great guy, a mom to a sassy 3 year old and a sweet 8 month old, but I am also a individual. I think a lot … Continue reading Let The Journey Begin.